Download Visual BCD


Download Visual BCD Editor + Dual-boot Repair tool installation packages


See how to configure Visual BCD to run on .NET 2.0 and/or .NET 4.0

(this can be done only for newer versions developed for .NET 2, .NET 4 is default for Windows 8 and later)


Note: Dual-boot repair tool for Windows 10 (also Windows 8.1/8/7) can be used to replace versions of the tool included in VisualBCD package.

It is advisable to copy the files included in Dual-boot repair tool for Windows 10 after unzipping in a new directory to Visual BCD directory. Visual BCD directory after installation of Visual BCD package is "\Program Files\Visual BCD" for 32 bit Windows versions and "\Program Files (x86)\Visual BCD" for 64 bit Windows versions. Paths mentioned are for English versions of Windows - please use relevant paths for other languages. You need administrative rights to copy files to "\Program Files" and subfolders. As a benefit from this copy operation Visual BCD Editor will receive upgraded configuration which suggests using either .NET 2 or .NET 4 depending on installed .NET version. You may have to delete or rename RepairLib.dll if Dual-boot Repair tool does not start properly which means that Repair sub menu items in Visual BCD Editor will not run as a result.



For commercial use please contact author - on google mail.



Download selection:

(no more direct download links to .msi files please, direct download by external links from now on is forbidden by server configuration)


Recommended version of Visual BCD Editor for Windows 8 and later - (needs .NET 4.0 Client as minimum)

Newer versions require .NET Framework 2.0:

Older versions require .NET Framework 4.0 Client:




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You can also download ArcPaths utility and BootNext utility.