BootNext tool - boot any Linux or Windows from Windows 8.1/7/Vista



BootNext is a small but powerful system tool developed for Windows 8.1/7/Vista operating system.


On UEFI firmware(and GPT disk) BootNext tool allows you to boot directly to:

Note: List of bootable devices depends on CSM (BIOS emulation) state (enabled/disabled).


On BIOS firmware(and MBR disk) BootNext tool allows direct booting of any installed operating system which has boot entry in BCD (Boot Configuration Data):


BootNext main screen



a) Using Visual BCD Editor you can create a Linux loader (boot sector loader) with the click of a button

(using Dual-boot Repair tool/"Boot Sector Viewer" extract Linux boot record to a file)

and amend created loader's path to the extracted boot sector file. This method is clean as it does not include third party boot loaders!

With a boot sector loader in BCD you can also chain load plop* boot loader and create boot entries for USB, CD/DVD (without BIOS support!) and

chain loading grub4dos* boot loader you can create boot entries for almost anything boot able like ISO files, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X etc.

See Dual boot Win 7 and Linux/UNIX for details on creating boot sector loaders.


b) Windows 7 recovery - on a DELL Notebook boot to Windows 7 recovery using UEFI booting was not possible unless CSM was enabled.


BootNext tool has also following functions:


Last but not least the program displays such helpful information as:



Create and start safe mode loader in Windows 8.1/7/Vista


Using BootNext tool you can create with simple selection and click a safe mode loader(with or without boot menu entry) for Windows 8.1/7/Vista.

Available safe modes for selection are:

For booting in safe mode you select the created safe mode loader and click on "Boot selected" button.


See also BootNext help for details.




Free for home, non-profit use.

Program cannot be hosted on other sites !



No installation - just place the two files extracted from zip in any (empty) directory. On run the program creates a desktop shortcut to itself.
To uninstall just delete the program(bootnext.exe) and configuration file(bootnext.exe.config)



Download will be available for blog members only.

Download BootNext utility



.Net Framework 2.0 or 4.0. Tool runs on Vista or later.


*You can download plop from

grub4dos from



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